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Giftys is easy to use and there are no contracts and no hidden fees. Just answer a few simple questions about your business. Our staff will review your application, visit your website, and reply back to you in about 2 business days.

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Giftys

1. Giftys is easy to use!

2. The low cost of entry: With only a $25 deposit and clicks for as little as $0.18 each, you have nothing to lose!

3. You pay only when customers click on the link to your site.

4. We offer you the opportunity to get even more exposure through our "Gifts on Sale" program.

5. We are a destination for thousands of Gift Shoppers each day.

6. Your products will be among thousands, not millions, so your store will be found!

7. We offer you valuable tips to improve your website and build your business.

8. We aggressively market our merchant's stores. We own a large gift network and a mailing list of over 80,000 subscribers.

9. We are a 15 year old company with "lots" of experience and have a flawless reputation in the industry.

10. You no longer have to compete with Google ads! Did you notice that you see no Google ads on Giftys?

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Merchant Testimonials

Finding Giftys has been a great asset to us. The items we listed with them have converted well above average, and the personalized service they give is really refreshing in contrast to the 3-4 days it takes to get a reply from some of the other shopping portals. I would highly recommend Giftys to any merchant looking to expand their sales.

Keith Winter
Managing Director

Now that we've had a chance to analyze the results of our 2010 holiday season marketing efforts, I felt compelled to let you know that our participation in your Giftys merchant program was an unqualified success.

The cost per click was very reasonable. The amount of traffic - and more importantly, actual sales- that we received from our ads on Giftys far exceeded our expectations. The support and prompt response we always received from Tom Boston was outstanding.

Low cost + great results + outstanding customer service = 1 happy customer!
I would highly recommend Giftys to any gift-type business looking to increase their exposure on the Internet.

Cowboy Chuck Company is looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with Giftys. Keep up the great work.

Michael C Brown
Cowboy Chuck Company, Inc

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